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1800 Pomegranate Breeze Martinez Cocktail
1800 Cosmolito Cocktail Martini
1800 Mint Lemonade Martini Cocktail
1800 Pink Grapefruit Margarita Mimosa
A Fuzzy Thing or Fuzzy Navel recipe Milk Punch
A Kiss Goodnight Cocktail Mint Julep
A Popular Guy Cocktail Moscow Mule
A Royal Sprite Cocktail Naked Martini
Air Mail cocktail Navy Grog Cocktail
Alexander or Brandy Alexander Negroni Cocktail
Americano Cocktail Old Fashioned Cocktail
Appeal To Me Orange Canadian Whisky
Apricot Cooler Orange Blossom
Aristocrat Sparking Punch Peach Blue Margarita
Bacardi Cocktail Perk Tits Cocktail
Barbotage Pink Lady Cocktail
Beer With Cranberry Pink Panther
Berry Berry Smoothie Frozen Cocktail Pink Squirrel Cocktail
Between the Sheets Cocktail Planter’s Punch
Black Russian Or White Russian Cocktail Presidente
Black Velvet Quicksand
Bloody Mary Cocktail Raspberry Twist Cocktail, Raspberry Vodka
Brandy Crusta Cocktail Red headed slut with redbull
Brave Bull Cocktail Rob Roy & Dry Rob Roy Cocktail
Bronx Cocktail Rum Swizzle
Bull Shot Cocktail Rusty Nail Cocktail
Blueberry Crush Sake Martini (Sakini)Cocktail
Blue Margarita Salty Dog recipe
Champagne Cocktail Sazerec
Morning Champagne Cocktail Scarlett O’hara Cocktail
Champagne Punch Scotch Mist or Whisky Mist Cocktail
Clover Club Cocktail Screwdriver
Coconut Rush Sherry Cobbler
Coffee Royale Sherry Flip Cocktail
Daiquiri Side Car Cocktail
Detroit Wing Cocktail Singapore Sling
Dragon Caipiroska Something Sweet Cocktail, Raspberry Vodka
Dry Martini Sorbet Mango & Strawberry Margarita
Dubonnet Cocktail Sloe Gin Fizz
Electric Lemonade Cocktail Snowball Cocktail Aly's Drink
French 75 Stinger Cocktail
French Connection Svedka Neon Circus
Ghetto Drink Tequila Sunrise
Gimlet or Vodka Gimlet Tom Collins
Gin & Bitter Lemon Vermouth Cassis
Gin & Tonic Very Dry Martini
Gin Daisy Vodka or Aquavit Martini
Gin Fix Vodka Lemonade Lady
Gin Fizz & Silver Fizz Wake Up Call Vodka Lemonade Lady
Gin Rickey Watermelon Bliss Cocktail
Godfather Cocktail Watermelon Star
Godmother Cocktail Whisky Smash
Golden Cadillac Cocktail Whisky Sour
Grasshopper Cocktail Zombie drink
Half & Half Cocktail  
Harvey Wallbanger  
Highland Cooler  
Holiday Kiss
Grapefruit Bliss
Incredible Orange Juice
Ice Organism Cocktail  
Irish Coffee recipe
Jack Crush
Jack Rose
Jubal Early Punch Out Cocktail
Lemon Crush  
Mai tai  
Manhattan or Dry Manhattan  

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7 Cocoanuts recipe
1800 Mint Lemonade recipe
1800 Pink Grapefruit Margarita recipe
1800 Pomegranate Breeze recipe
1800 Pomegranate Breeze recipe
1800 Cosmopolitan
A Fuzzy Thing or Fuzzy Navel recipe
A kiss Goodnight recipe
A Popular Guy recipe
A Royal Sprite recipe
Alexander or Brandy Alexander
Apple Shrub
Apricot Cooler
Avocado Daiquiri recipe
Between the Sheets
Big Apple recipe
Black Russian Or White Russian
Bloody Mary
Brandy Crusta
Brave Bull
Bronx Cocktail
Bull Shot Cocktail recipe
Champagne Cocktail
Chi- Chi recipe
Christmas Kiss
Clover Club
Coffee Royal
Cranberry Margarita recipe
Dry Martini Cocktail
Du bonnet Cocktail
Electric Lemonade
Frappe Cocktail
French 75
French Connection recipe
Frozen Coconut recipe
Frozen Daiquiri
Gimlet or Vodka Gimlet
Gin & Bitter Lemon
Gin & Tonic
Gin Daisy
Gin Fix
Gin Fizz & Silver Fizz
Gin Rickey
Gingerbread Martini
Godfather Cocktail
Godmother Cocktail
Golden Cadillac
Grasshopper Cocktail
Half & Half Cocktail
Harvey Wallbanger
Highland Cooler
Hot Buttered Rum
Irish Coffee recipe
Jack Rose
Mai tai
Manhattan or Dry Manhattan
Martinez Cocktail
Martini Cocktail
Mint Julep
Moscow Mule
Mulled Red Wine
Naked Martini
Navy Grog
Orange Blossom
Pear-Basil Sipper
Pina Colada
Pink Lady Cocktail recipe
Pink Squirrel
Planter’s Punch
Port Wine Sangaree
Presidente Cocktail recipe
Rob Roy & Dry Rob Roy
Rum Swizzle
Rum Toddy
Rusty Nail Cocktail recipe
Sake Martini (Sakini)Cocktail
Salty Dog recipe
Santa Shot
Sazerec Cocktail recipe
Scarlett O’hara Cocktail recipe
Scotch Mist or Whisky Mist
Screwdriver Cocktail recipe
Sherry Cobbler
Sherry Flip
Side Car Cocktail recipe
Singapore Sling
Sloe Gin Fizz
Sparkling Charleston Cosmopolitan
Stinger Cocktail recipe
Sugar Cookie
Tequila Sunrise
Tom & Jerry
Tom Collins
Vermouth Cassis
Very Dry Martini Cocktail
Vodka or Aquavit Martini
Whisky Smash Cocktail recipe
Whisky Sour

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